Uncover the mysterious veil - walk into the pawnshop (6)

Connected to the set. Xiao Bao did not know why Liang master so fast ran out, is it what I threw? Xiaobao look puzzled to ask: Master, Master Liang how he? Master: Haha, you throw people's year-end bonuses, haha! Xiao Bao: I do not ah, the master you say it quickly Master: Master Liang is the company's gold master. Responsible for playing gold, gold, inlaid diamonds, change the size of the mouth. Gold is a good place, ah, a year down, garbage and dust in the accumulation of gold, to tens of thousands of dollars, not a problem! You now know why, right? Suddenly, Xiaobao began to feel that the days of the future is not good (pattern Tu Sen broken). The The The The The Xiao Bao: Master, then you put the pawn shop to mention gold ah ... Master: It's going to say slowly. Playing gold is also called inlay, is forging an industry. Playing gold master with pawn shop is closely related. Dangdang back to the diamond, yellow platinum will be used to fight gold. From simple repair, welding, renovation of gold, to the naked stone mosaic are playing gold master produced. Many pawnshops are sold with diamonds. So the gold master is necessary. Where the gold is called, called the factory. Xiao Bao: Master, we have a diamond to sell. What is the diamond thing? Master: ask well. Diamond is the mainstream of replica watches today's jewelry material. Characterized by the highest hardness, widely active in the market. Its advantages, what 4C those who are left to sell diamonds to explain it, we pawn shop as long as it is true or false, how much value, good quality. Xiao Bao: Master I do not understand why diamonds so expensive? Master: In fact, diamonds are not expensive, just because the price is opaque. The same quality, it was sold 50000, it was sold 100,000. As for how to analyze, we must know. Determine the price of diamonds There are three main factors: the first point, size: diamond unit is carat / CT, 1.00CT for a carat. Less than 1.00, that is, 0.50 is half a carat. For example, 0.35ct is the crowd said 35 points. Here is a secret: for example, the price of 58 points is 10000,59 points the price is 10500, 60 points is 11000? wrong! Because the diamond evaluation mechanism is full of an integer for a jump. So the price of 59 points and 60 points can be 12,000. Xiao Bao you know what I mean? Xiao Bao: Master. That 99 points with 1 carat price can be a lot difference? Master: smart! A lot of people come to the pawns are to take those 90 minutes of the stone to pretend to be a carat. General ring will be written on the number of copies, but do not believe. Ten only five are big. The tool for measuring diamonds is the ruler, the width of the width and height, calculate the stone edge thickness, but only for reference. Because 0.01CT is very light. 99 points with 1 carat is the most dead. But the better luck is that manufacturers will be deliberately polished when the stone enough to a carat. But 90 are a lot of several. The second point is the color of the diamond. Diamond English first English is D, so the highest color is D color. D is colorless. And then the number is E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N. Xiao Bao: Master! I can not digest so many professional terms. Can not simply point out the color of good or bad! Master: Oh, I was talking about the spirits, so well, simply said. General market, we buy the most is H to K, H color will not see the yellow gas, I color is slightly, J color will see the yellow, K color is more yellow, the latter two would not have said. Price, the difference is a color, is a lot of money difference. So many businesses are to take the middle to sell, because even to a D with H to see you, you can not tell; even if you share, you will feel almost, most people will choose a little cheaper. But in the business point of view to the price of expensive, so no need to enter the high color of the good set We do pawn shop, we must learn the analytical ability of diamonds. The human eye is rolex replica difficult to distinguish H color above, so a lot of practice. Xiao Bao: Master, that if I have color blindness? Master smoked a cigarette, cold said: then you switch it. Xiao Bao: Master, a lot of people asked me, can not find a place to discuss the story of pawn shops, can I tell them? Master: Well, go to my house, mass road, Zixian Street 186991079, haha, smart people will find. Master: determine the price of diamonds, there is a called clarity. Clarity is the amount of natural content of diamonds. The grade is divided into IF VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2 SI3 I1 I2 I3. Andy: so much. The The Master: I simply say, the market is 70% diamond class SI, 3 into VS level. So the question is coming. How good is the analysis? We do not have a lot of books, we simply say it VVS level of the naked eye can not see any inclusions; VS level is sometimes visible white spots. SI level of the naked eye to see the contents of the clear. Class I general industrial use, will not do jewelry. The same diamond in the figure, after amplification can see the black impurities Another diamond ring Xiao Bao: Master, what is white flowers? Master: Diamond this stuff ah, not everyone can see clearly. Take a mirror will not take, is not see things. There are three kinds of diamond inclusions: 【White flowers】 like its name, nothing to explain, that is, burst shape. [Feces] forgive me this pawn shop brutal, black feces is black inclusions. 【Oblique interpolation】 This trail is very sneaky, to multi-angle to see, to see. If it is straight plug, to see in the stone; if it is horizontal insert, the front will be able to see. For example, there is a sword in the stone. Xiao Bao: Master, diamonds can not just look at a few, right? Master: Of course more than that There are 3 small 1 big items. Xiao Bao: Master, you will wait, I can not digest so much, can not talk about anything else For example, we all asked me, when grew up, the master you are what people, we shop in that, we say so much, for what? Master: Oh, these questions go to my house to ask it. As for why I would say so much, this question, in fact, when I am a scholar, a master is very good to me, what are taught, including the truth of life. He often said that sentence. Is not under the shame asked. But how many people can do it? How many people can do uk replica watches knowledge sharing? My motivation, that is, my master taught me, do not lose the. Traditional pawn shops are getting less and less. Can be said to be fast gone. Xiao Bao: I will certainly learn, the spirit of the teacher to send Yang Guangda! Master: good boy, let's talk about diamonds again. The line is called 3EX. What is 3EX? I can say that not many sellers will say it. Because many people will ignore the 3EX. (V), good, fair (F), poor (P), a total of five (good), good, fair (F), poor (P), a total of five. Fair and Poor are relatively rare, most of the market is the other three. Cut [CUT]: refers to the diamond cutting technology. Can we cut the so-called fire by cutting jobs? Cut a good diamond, can make diamonds more shining. Polished [polish]: refers to the diamond grinding technology. This is generally not good, people can not see it. Bad polished, there will be fine marks on the diamond. Symmetry [SYMMETRY]: This is related to the cut, the reflective surface refraction symmetry. Tinker. The The A middle-aged man with a beautiful woman, into the store will be shouting: old man, give my girlfriend pick a good drill! Master should go out and pick a bunch of rings to let them choose. Man: old man, this ring looked good, do not know how much money? Master: how are you, melon brother. This one. The The 50000 got :) Gua Ge: Is there a certificate? Where is the certificate? Master: the world recognized diamond certificate only GIA enough authority, the other, I do not recognize. I only gIA certificate :) Melon brother: old man, you are real people, you tell me how this drill? Master: melon brother, this gong color VVS2 3EX you be aware of the goods, that is, there is a bad, that is, with blue. Melon: ah! There is blue ah! It is not, we often go to drink. Well, or else else Finally, melon brother bought a more than 70,000 diamonds to his girlfriend, spring breeze proudly gone. Xiao Bao: Master, this melon with you very familiar? Master: Yes, he is the big boss in Shenzhen, his brother is more harmful brother, are Tuhao level. Xiao Bao: cattle! On the master, you just said [blue] what is the meaning of why not go to the bar? Master: [Blue] nickname is oblique blue stone. This blue stone in the natural light, and the normal diamond no difference. But in the light, it will become blue. This diamond on the watch will see. Because not many people pay attention to these. With blue stones, will affect our judge when the charge. Because with blue gas, so it will improve the color. Certificate written in K, looks like J. This must be made to the eyes to see the blue steam. Because blue stones are cheaper than normal diamonds. Xiao Bao: Oh, that's it. How are we blue? Because a lot of people like me is a layman. Master: simple, go to the roadside to buy a small fluorescent light, fire lights, as long as the issue can be a fluorescent. I like this as long as 5 yuan! Master with a small treasure study diamonds. Andy's eyes are visible. Open the mysterious veil - into the pawn shop (6) Xiao Bao: Master, my eyes tired. The Master: good, see diamonds can not teach. Many diamonds are done a few can be true. We rely on, is the feeling. Remember that feeling, you will not go away, you will grow up to understand. Xiao Bao: Master! There are false diamonds? Master: of course. Generally divided into three kinds: 【Glue / spar】 These are generally used in Mongolia. A fake, all things are wrong, the so-called no need to say. [Russian drilling] also known as Mount stone. This is a matter of hardness inferior to diamonds. There are several features: very white Clarity is at VVS level. But the texture is more Mongolia, no diamond so clear. General old master, a fake. Not much confidence, then use the diamond pen to measure hardness. [HTTP high temperature synthetic drill] this thing Well, in our age is not, just heard someone in the study. I heard that in 2014 to develop finished. Haha, we called HTTP inside the line. Is made of diamond powder and other substances. Hardness is diamonds, so the test is useless, because he is a diamond, so there is a very similar texture. These stones a few characteristics: cutting face uneven, polished in general, so to see more. The purpose of our pawn shop is: must be all aspects of the spotted, sure, only to say the price. The secret of diamonds is like massive, and many people are confused. The price of diamonds is more like a non-directional flywheel. Some guests bought a small drill, told me that he bought tens of thousands. How can only charge a few thousand I can only say: service, fame, advertising it. But when the diamonds are sold to the real price. Sambo slowly in the store with the master to do for 3 years. Under the guidance of the master, very hard. Xiaobao work 12 hours a day, renovation, watch, drill have a certain effort, many brothers, have problems to find Xiaobao. Many do for many years the brothers are afraid of Xiao Bao threat to their own, all kinds of ambush, the next account to Xiaobao often wrong, Xiao Bao had to swallow, silently bear. These things, the manager and the master are looking in the eyes. One morning, the manager called the master into the office, the master biting a sandwich while eating said: what things? Manager: Andy you know the situation, so I am afraid I can not support how long Master: pawn shop, ah, you and I are so over, and even if even this can not stand, can not do big things. Manager: hey, a master of income is apprentice 10 times, no wonder they are like this. So I intend to let Xiaobao go out to learn something back, so that more potential baby, do you think? Master: Ye Hao, go out to eat some bitter is a good thing, you want him to learn what? Manager: This is the reason I told you to come in, he is your apprentice, do you think? Master: pawnshops technology two big items, not on the watch, diamonds, see you think he developed to that side ah. But I think that natural things we can not change, but man can, do you think? (Master pointed to a long time no one bought the broken watch) Manager smiled, ordered a cigarette: brothers, ah, when the master told me that this position, what can not solve you, it really is right. You really very forward! Master: teacher brother, do not mention, I will tell Xiao Bao it! Master to the sandwich finished, patted the pants, Diao Yan smoke away, the back image of a gambling champion. Pawn shop series wrote here, and finally to the most people want to see the project, smart people must guess what the project, the next one, we walked into the very sweat world sweat! Thank you for your support. To be continued (Figure / text watch the family about the author: Violet, finishing composition: old face)